How to delete stress from your life

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Getting up in the morning and going to a stressful workplace used to be one of the hardest things I had to do. I mentioned in my last post that I worked at a coffee shop, this particular coffee shop required you to be there at 5:30am every morning! It was hard, it was dark and sometimes I would wear the funniest outfits because I didn’t want to turn on the light and wake up my partner. Did I mention that it was crazy busy as well.

Having a morning routine is the key to starting your day. I am now in a teaching position and I leave for work at 6:45am. You would think I would be relishing in the sleep in I get every morning now… right? Well no, I still get up at the same time every morning (5:10am). I go for my morning walk with my dog, I eat breakfast with my partner and I get to take time to think about what I put on my face and what I wear, rather than rushing out the door like a crazy person. This sets me up for my entire day.

Young people can feel when there is stress around them. They hold onto this and become stressed and anxious themselves. If you are a teacher or a parent it is important to look after yourself and model a good work/life balance to your child.

A morning routine is very important in setting you up for the day so you are not stressed before you get to work. But what about when you get into work? What do you say to other colleagues? What vibes are you sending out? This is important to think about as well.

Be calm when you arrive and have a bit of a routine when you get there as well. It can be something as little as getting a tea from the kitchen before you sit down at the computer to check your emails. Or making sure you go and see your friend first.

Check that your conversations are centred around the positive. This can be difficult, because everyone likes to have a whinge about work. If someone starts a negative conversation with you, try to spin in a positive direction.

Answer the following questions now and write your answers in the comments below:

  1. What can you do the night before you go to work to make your morning less stressful and easier to get out the door on time?
  2. What can you do as soon as you get to work to make the first hour more enjoyable? E.g. Make a cup of herbal tea, smell some essential oil or talk to a friend.

Comment below with your answers, this may just help someone think of something that they can do to start the day right.

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  1. Niyc says:

    I totally believe in the power of the morning routine! Dedicating even a really small space of time to yourself can make all the difference in your day. For me, the night before, I complete a gratitude list, a done list, and a to do list, and then in the morning I spend just 15 minutes meditating – everything flows so much better after this! Great post Alex, thank you.

  2. Alex says:

    I love the idea of doing a gratitude list at night, this is a wonderful way to get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I’ve just recently got into meditation and I love it! Thanks for sharing your tips Niyc x

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