Stay Positive

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Stay Positive is an exciting resource for parents, teachers, youth workers and social workers to use with young people.

This resource is designed to build connections and create a deeper bond with your son, daughter, student or client.

Why?  Depression and mental health are one of the biggest major health challenges our young people face today. We need to get in early and give our kids the knowledge of positive practices, coping strategies and stress management so they can get on with life, without worrying.

Detailed in this ebook are more than 15 ways you can help improve the quality of life for someone close to you. This activities are designed to be used together with a young person or a group of young people.

Download this ebook by signing in on the bar above or if you’re on a computer you can sign in on the right and join me on my mission to erase the worries and stresses that young people face today!

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