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Positive Future Youth TV is here!

What is Positive Future Youth TV? It is an animated channel that helps children develop confidence, self-esteem and positive relationships. Each video is purpose built for children to watch and parents and teachers to guide. An extra bonus for teachers is that there is lesson plans attached to each video.

My aim for this website is to help you help children become more confident, positive and happy in life. I have been thinking of how I can best help you in your homes and in you classrooms. Finally, I have developed Positive Future Youth TV!

These animated videos will be uploaded weekly and have links to lesson ideas if you are a teacher and evoke some conversation if you are a parent. I am keen to hear your thoughts on my videos and what topics you feel should be covered in this way.

My first video is all about building resilience in children. Students commonly come to me to ‘dob’ on a child for accidentally hurting them. This video helps students develop skills to handle everyday situations.

It is designed to help them recognise what problems they can try to sort out them selves (amicably) and what problems may need teacher or parent intervention. Based on this video are a few lesson ideas and a lesson plan which you can find here.

The second video relates to building friendships. Sorry to generalise, but I feel this is majorly relevant to the girls (Especially during middle primary). The video covers how to recognise a good friend and how to be one. Make sure you click the link below the video to grab the accompanying lesson plan.

Stay tuned for more videos to be uploaded every week.

With Love, laughter and happiness,

Alex x


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