How FLOW can decrease the risk of depression

minimise the risk of depression

What is flow and how can it minimise the risk of depression? Flow is the state we’re in when we’re being creative, building a project or preparing for something. When we’re focused on a task or working towards a goal we don’t have time to worry, to feel anxious, angry or depressed.

Although, just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we are happy. We are usually so focused that we’re not in deep thought about anything other than what we are doing. We are being mindful.

This mindfulness about something can minimise the over thinking that causes anxiety and depression.

So how can you get into flow?

Create! Mihaly the author of Flow tells us that creative, productive people live more fulfilling lives. They are always involved in something outside our own heads. We are in focus when we create which stimulates the feeling or purpose and happiness.

Another way to create flow is to be mindful. Check out this delicious chocolate meditation that goes through the process of eating chocolate mindfully. Yes please.
The chocolate meditation was introduced to me on the weekend by Amy Kate from the mindful collective. She took us through a similar process, but with cupcakes!

Create flow by setting small, achievable goals. What goals are you going to set for yourself this week? Post them below in the comments section.

My goal for this week is to put the final touches of something I’ve been in FLOW with for a loooong time. My brand new ebook Be Positive. This book is a workbook for pre-teen and teens that helps them build there own flow though creative tasks, goal setting and resilience building activities. There’s also some guidance around friendships and social media in there too.

Check out Be positive here.



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