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Welcome to Positive Future Youth.

I’m Alex and I am a year 3 Australian teacher. When comes to helping kids with social and emotional well-being, I can help, I’ve been there myself and been through all kinds of conflicts with my own emotions and now, as a teacher, I see the same issues arise with my own students.

Positive Future Youth is a safe and supportive environment that helps build self confidence, positive thinking and a ‘you can do it’ attitude for young people. It’s a place that encourages and fosters positive relationships with young people.

Who is it for?

Positive Future Youth is for parents, teachers and youth workers (anyone that works with kids or is around kids) wanting to help young people stay positive, confident and happy. Although, we have resources directly aimed at young people themselves.


As a teacher and ex youth worker I have seen young people suffering from all types of anxieties, bullying, friendship issues and low self-esteem. Kids should not have these worries! They should not be worried about going to school, about logging onto Facebook or Instagram…. But for the majority of young people, they do.

There are a wide variety of reasons for this, however, most of it stems from within, from comparing themselves with others (which we all can relate to), from being left out, to having low self-esteem and not feeling ‘good enough’. My mission is to help young people block out the outside white noise and focus on controlling their own emotions and feelings.

The important thing is to learn to love yourself, be yourself and respect yourself.

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With love, laughter and happiness,

Alex x

Contact: alex(at)positivefutureyouth(dot)

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