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Be a real role model

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“Hands down the best way to help anyone close to you is to help yourself first. You are not doing anyone any favours if you aren’t looking after YOU.”

People open up to loved ones they admire, they emulate people they respect and they take advice from friends they value.

As a mother, teacher or mentor of any kind you do your best teaching when you are living your advice and being positive. Of course I don’t mean being perfect, I mean accepting that you’re human and trying your best at life.

Kids form their inner dialogue from their parents, family members and teachers. It is important that you as a mentor talk positively about yourself. Do this out loud whilst the child can hear you, this helps create their own dialogue and their own self talk.

Self talk is something we all do, we need to teach our kids to do it right and to do it in a positive way. It is up to you to model this, just like it is important to model healthy lifestyle choices and to model healthy relationships.

You might not see a difference straight away, but you are teaching them valuable life skills that they will carry into adulthood. Help them by helping yourself.

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Stay Positive

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Stay Positive is an exciting resource for parents, teachers, youth workers and social workers to use with young people.

This resource is designed to build connections and create a deeper bond with your son, daughter, student or client.

Why?  Depression and mental health are one of the biggest major health challenges our young people face today. We need to get in early and give our kids the knowledge of positive practices, coping strategies and stress management so they can get on with life, without worrying.

Detailed in this ebook are more than 15 ways you can help improve the quality of life for someone close to you. This activities are designed to be used together with a young person or a group of young people.

Download this ebook by signing in on the bar above or if you’re on a computer you can sign in on the right and join me on my mission to erase the worries and stresses that young people face today!

How to delete stress from your life

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Getting up in the morning and going to a stressful workplace used to be one of the hardest things I had to do. I mentioned in my last post that I worked at a coffee shop, this particular coffee shop required you to be there at 5:30am every morning! It was hard, it was dark and sometimes I would wear the funniest outfits because I didn’t want to turn on the light and wake up my partner. Did I mention that it was crazy busy as well. Read more

7 ways to be happy everyday

7 ways to be happySomething was wrong when I started feeling unexcited about life. There was no tears as such, I just wasn’t happy or very motivated. I knew something needed to change, this was not who I was… I was the happy go lucky girl that was over excited and over energetic about everything. So what had happened?

Social pressure, body image issues and hormones probably all played their part. Also, I expected things to come immediately and be instantly gratified, so when they didn’t come I was unhappy.

Even when they did come, like my amazing trip to Europe with a close friend, it wasn’t as good as expected… feelings and thoughts of being ungrateful would stir up in my head. How could I feel like this when so many other people had it so much worse? It was a vicious cycle.

So, how did I get out of this?

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best is yet to come

Building Self Confidence

Positive Future Youth is a website/blog aimed at building self confidence, positive thinking and a ‘you can do it’ attitude for young people. It is a place that encourages and fosters positive relationships with young people. This website is for parents, teachers and youth workers wanting to help young people stay positive, confident and happy.

Why? As a teacher and ex youth worker I have seen young people suffering from all types of anxieties, bullying, friendship issues and low self-esteem. Kids should not have these worries! They should not be worried about going to school, about logging onto Facebook or Instagram…. But for the majority of young people, they do.

There are a wide variety of reasons for this, however, most of it stems from within, from comparing themselves with others (which we all can relate to), from being left out, to having low self-esteem and not feeling ‘good enough’. My mission is to help young people block out the outside white noise and focus on controlling their own emotions and feelings.

The important thing is to learn to love yourself, be yourself and respect yourself.

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With love, laughter and happiness,

Alex x


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Confident Kids

Teaching kids confidence should become mandatory in schools! I know in Australia we have a Health key learning area. The Health subject is very broad, relating to physical health and mental health. The curriculum tells teachers that this subject must be taught for at least half an hour a week.

This is OK, this means that the education department has recognised its importance in the school system. However, I feel that children’s wellness should be a part of everyday learning. I know students that are struggling with writing are also dealing with a lowered confidence in writing as well. Teachers are in a very powerful position, we can build kids up or we can tear them down. I know if you are reading this then you are definitely all for the building. Read more