The Be Positive ebook is here!!

Do you or someone you love ever ask…

What is happiness?

Why do I feel this way?

Why can’t I feel confident?

This book is a young person’s guide to feeling confident,

to expressing themselves and finding their self-worth from places within.

It takes them through the process of being positive by thinking positive, talking positive and acting positive.

This interactive workbook is a guide and a reference for children to refer back to if they are feeling down or need some guidance.

But most of all this is a fun engaging book that gives kids the skills they need to be happy and concentrate on them.

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This is for you or your daughter if you are/ they are…

10 years old or older

Have ever felt alienated or left out

Want to gain more resilience, confidence and self-esteem

Feel the need for self expression

Want to be happier

Want better friends or have friendship issues

Your investment $16