Stay Positive COVER

Below is a list of fun activities that you can do with your child in your home around a range of issues from helping anxious children to building friendships and improving confidence.

Oils –

Aromatherapy and Essential oils are a wonderful way to calm anxious children.

Try the following:

A few drops of lavender on the pillow.

Rub a few drops of camomile oil onto the feet before bed.

Contact me at for a free consultation about how essential oils can help your family.

Role plays –

In my free Stay Positive ebook there are a list of possible role plays that can help children deal with social and emotional issues with more maturity.

For more options on this topic the website have a range of Friendship Cards that go through common scenarios that can help solve conflicts.

This can make a wonderful start to conversations about friendship. Also, if there are issues with with friendships at school, make sure you let the teacher know. It makes a difference with all parties are on the same page.

Kids Yoga –

Kids yoga is a wonderful, fun way for children to learn to be still and centred, this helps children cope with anxieties and build confidence in themselves. A free kids yoga that I use often with my students is cosmic kids yoga.

Warm and Fuzzies-

Parents: This is a great way to bring the family together and to tell each other what you love about them. Have a jar somewhere central in the house and all week put in little love note to your family. Pick a night of the week to share them with each other. You may want to set aside some time before the ‘sharing session’ to make sure everyone has a note and that everyone has written one. 🙂

Teachers: Students have there own paper bags. Each day after lunch students draw another student out of a hat and write down something nice about them and it puts it in that child’s paper bag. On a Friday everyone get to read their warm and fuzzies.

Gratitude Diary –

Parents: For children that worry right before bed it can be helpful to have a gratitude list in easy reach. A gratitude list or diary is a list of things that you are grateful for. This can be written solely by your child or together. They focus on this list before they go to bed for a sound nights sleep.

Teachers: One day a week, students write down everything good that happened during the week. This can be a great send off for the weekend especially students who suffer from anxiety when coming to school.

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